That Was Then This Is Now Book CoverThat Was Then, This Is Now: Finding Healing Through Connection, Reflection, & Self-Care: Paperback and Kindle (2015)

In That Was Then, This Is Now: Finding Healing Through Connection, Reflection, & Self-Care, psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker Rosemary Dunn Dalton explores psychology terms through autobiographical reflections and client anecdotes. She then provides tools to help the reader apply these lessons to their own lives. Each chapter features a section at the end called “Questions to Think About,” provoking further contemplation and self-growth. Dunn Dalton offers accessible descriptions of terms such as projection, projective identification, identification with the aggressor, resistance, procrastination, and dissociation. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of these principles and how to apply them to their own lives. The book’s themes include connection and disconnection, self-care, and communication/perception. Dunn Dalton delves into topics such as anger, depression, forgiveness, compassion, and creativity. She touches on myth, religion, and spirituality and examines topical events to explore the impact of hate crimes and epidemics such as AIDS. LGBT issues, feminism, couples counseling, and family relationships are also addressed.

Lamenting Lost Fathers CoverLamenting Lost Fathers: Adult Daughters Search for the Message of the Father (2004)

Approval is the gift of the father to the daughter. Breaches in the father-daughter relationship render messages of ambivalence to the daughter. Absent fathers create a longing, a void, in daughters. Mending this relationship provides one key to daughters’ developmental impasses. Rosemary Dunn Dalton explores how to heal the father-daughter relationship in this book.

Arches Treasure/Mystery at the Escalantes (2008)
Arches Treasure/Mystery at the Escalantes Cover

Arches Treasure

Nancy Duncan and her partner, Bobbi O’Brien, are on vacation in Southern Utah, perusing the giant structures of red clay and white slick rock. In the Arches National Monument, Nancy uncovers a partially buried broken chain attached to a light blue stone. It is encased by a barely readable engraving that appears to be in Hebrew or Arabic. Friends Rakki Morari and Shalom Levi help Nancy and Bobbi pursue the mystery of the stone as it leads them to historical sites, Anasazi tribal members, and connections to new and old world mythologies and practices.

Mystery at the Escalantes

Just when Nancy and Bobbi are unwinding from their last adventure, they find a recently slain body of a young girl and some bones that date back over 50 years. After realizing a murder has been committed, they call on Tim O’Brien, Bobbi’s uncle and a retired police officer, for protection. Coroner Quinn harbors the women and their friends, Rakki and Shalom. Taking the reader back in time, the book also chronicles the travels of Jessie and Josh Browning.

Bandon-Vernal Transgender Mystery/The Jacksonville-Donner Story (2013)

Bandon-Vernal Transgender Mystery The Jacksonville Donner Story Book Cover

Bandon-Vernal Transgender Mystery

Sleuth Nancy Duncan; her partner, Bobbi O’Brien; ex-cop Tim O’Brien; and a lesbian couple and their baby are enjoying a reunion in Bandon-by-the-Sea. Nancy stumbles across the body of a transgender man, and a pursuit of the killer ensues. This takes them to Vernal, Flaming Gorge, and Utah’s Zion National Monument in search of the personal history of the victim and circumstances of his death. Riches are uncovered; confusion over gender reassignment as well as resentments lead Nancy into scary encounters from the past and present life of the victim. Native American customs and rich mining history present challenges to Nancy and her partner as they try to solve the complex circumstances of this murder.

The Jacksonville-Donner Story

Nancy and Bobbi are seeking rest and relaxation at Lake Tahoe when the Donner party tragedy stirs their curiosity. Nancy sees a face in the rocks that preoccupies her. On their way home, they are confronted by a Chinese-American woman seeking answers to her grandfather’s death and burial. Jacksonville, Oregon, becomes the focus for resolving mysterious deaths, Chinese mining, and orchard history. It becomes apparent that some of the town’s people know more than they want to reveal. Pursuit of the truth puts Nancy and Bobbi at risk, along with Bobbi’s uncle Tim and his Native American partner, Martha.
Rosemary Dunn Dalton Book Signing

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