Look At You (Marie)

The crown of your head silver and white, I glimpsed as you lay next to me.  My mother had insisted I ‘do’ her hair, the strands straw-like at times just like yours. Now my partner of almost 20 years; this aged aspect not quite expected but, alas, true.  We tease. call it OA (old age) as we watch change in progress.

In pursuit of the perfect coffee shop on vacation, we land and you sit across from me addressing post cards. This is a nice custom, connecting while away from the stress of work. Your body slim by many OA standards, stays the same even with the wrinkles and sagging skin, like mine.  But, those blue eyes powder like your sweater compels me to you.  Your companionship is treasured during these fermenting times of today and, hopefully, tomorrow.

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