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You’re Still Here (Lake Tahoe)

This is our third visit and Lake Tahoe, you are still here.  You glow like glass reflecting cobalt blue, aquamarine, vermillion seen like nowhere else.  You are comfort, like a smooth skin, skimming over my body, washing away the powerlessness of realities one cannot face.  I’m grateful I can surrender to you.  Breezes bounce off …

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Protest Against Mountaintop Removal Mining in West Virginia

Strip Mining Protest

Larry Gibson, founder of Keeper of the Mountains, participated in a protest against mountaintop removal mining by shaving the heads of women who wanted to make a statement about their concern and outrage against the occurrence of bone cancer and the “poisoning” of their children. They call themselves the Queens of Appalachia taking on “King …

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Honoring Hillary

Honoring Hillary

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Wants New Opposition Movement for Syria In an effort to “reshape” the opposition action in Syria, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton organized a meeting in Doha, Qatar to reach for new leadership.  The meeting was attended by hundreds of opposition representatives.  She stated that the Syrian National Council should not …

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Nuclear Nun

Eighty-two-year-old Sister Megan Rice has been a peace activist who has been arrested many times for her acts of civil disobedience and antinuclear protests. She and two male activists accomplished a huge security breach when they got through to an inner sanctum of the US storage of nuclear parts and fuel. On July 28, they …

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