You’re Still Here (Lake Tahoe)

This is our third visit and Lake Tahoe, you are still here.  You glow like glass reflecting cobalt blue, aquamarine, vermillion seen like nowhere else.  You are comfort, like a smooth skin, skimming over my body, washing away the powerlessness of realities one cannot face.  I’m grateful I can surrender to you.  Breezes bounce off my face and the pounding of gentle waves remind me that sound can be a friend.  People talk of healing as if the world walks around with gaping wounds.  This may be true but something I have not wanted to face.  I help others and maybe it is their process of healing.  Now it is my turn and the discomfort is unbearable.  Maybe healing will not happen.  This is a manner of thinking that is a stranger who crept in the night and stabbed my heart.  08/2013

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